About the Divest campaign to CAMSR

The Committee to Advise on Matters of Social Responsibility (CAMSR) is a body that operates under McGill University’s Board of Governors whose primary function to ensure that McGill’s endowment is not invested in companies that engage in socially harmful commercial activities. CAMSR relies on members of the McGill community to formally petition it with a request for corrective shareholder action – by at least 300 members of McGill (academic staff, administrative and support staff, students and alumni members) – before the committee investigates and decides whether actions such as divestment from certain companies should take place. Specifically, petitioners must demonstrate that the activities of a company causes “‘social injury,’ [defined as] the grave injurious impact which the activities of a company is found to have on consumers, employees, or other persons, or on the natural environment” – this includes “activities include those which violate, or frustrate the enforcement of rules of domestic or international law intended to protect individuals against deprivation of health, safety, or basic freedoms.”

McGill’s CAMSR has previously recommended divestment from South African apartheid and companies with ties to Burma and tobacco companies, while more recent efforts have been devoted to divestment from fossil fuel companies. More information can be found here.